In 1973 the FUE was born with the aim of bringing the world of the university and the world of business closer together. Since its creation, the Fundación Universidad-Empresa has developed innovative programs and initiatives to achieve this but, above all, it has known how to adapt to the profound social, economic and cultural changes experienced throughout its trajectory, always offering adequate responses to the changing needs of business, universities and students.

This trajectory of more than 45 years, in which there has been a high impact on Spanish society, is full of great challenges achieved that will mark the next steps for a future in which the FUE will continue to promote university-business collaboration with the same illusion of the first day.

Vision: Deep Linking

Deep Linking is an attitude that results from listening, understanding and proposing. It consists of linking affinities to build long-term relationships, with the aim of integrating, contributing and sharing in order to attain a deeper level of future projection than the sum of the parts of a common project. Deep Linking is the philosophy by which we guide our day-to-day work and build our strategies for tomorrow.

Deep Linking

Deep Linking es una actitud que nace de escuchar, entender y proponer. Es vincular afinidades para construir relaciones a largo plazo, con el ánimo de integrar, aportar y compartir. Un enlace cuya proyección de futuro tiene una mayor profundidad y calidad que la suma de las partes de un proyecto común. La filosofía por la que guiamos nuestro trabajo del día a día y construimos nuestras estrategias del mañana.