The different programs promoted by the FUE incorporate innovative and differential training that, designed in close collaboration with the universities and the companies’ human resources departments, provides students and graduates with the keys to fully develop their professional potential in an environment every time more volatile, complex and competitive.

Master in Decision Making & Innovation 2.0

 Gaia Program is a joint initiative of
la Universidad de Alcalá y FUE.

It bases its training plan on a collaborative learning model aimed at acquiring professional skills combined with practical training tutored in the company. It is developed, therefore, in two aspects: an academic training plan at the University and a plan for external academic practices in the company.

Programa Citius de iniciación profesional

Citius is a Postgraduate Training Program of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, in collaboration with the FUE, which consists of an Academic Training Plan, taught at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and a Practical Training Plan in the company.

The first consists of a wide range of personalized itineraries so that graduates can complete their training in accordance with their functions in the company, their university preparation and their professional orientation. The second is carried out through tutored practical training in one of the companies associated with the Program.

Máster en Productividad y Desarrollo Personal

The Master in Productivity and Personal Development at the Universidad de Alcalá combines a collaborative learning model oriented towards the acquisition of personal skills with an internship in one of our collaborating companies.

Therefore, it is developed in two aspects: an academic training plan and an internship plan in a company.


Programa e-Start de prácticas online

Through the FUE e-Start platform, universities can offer their students to carry out internships, undergraduate or postgraduate, online, participating in projects co-supervised by professors and business professionals. The platform provides a collaborative environment that allows fluid and permanent communication between all the agents involved (student, academic tutor and business tutor).

Postgrado de Organizaciones Ágiles y Transformación Digital

This postgraduate course combines an internship in a company with a course at the Universidad de Alcalá, which will allow students to develop creativity and agile management to deal with complex projects handled by current organizations.

Programa de becas BBVA – Liquid Junior

The BBVA Liquid Junior Scholarship Program – FUE is a program that combines the Higher Education course in Agile Organizations and Digital Transformation at the University of Alcalá with an internship at BBVA, in the context of its Liquid Junior training program.

Programa de becas Telefónica CDCO – FUE

The Telefónica CDCO – FUE Scholarship Program is a program that combines the Higher Training course in Agile Organizations and Digital Transformation at the Universidad de Alcalá with an internship at Telefónica CDCO.