Match you Company

Match Your Company is a meeting for students or recent graduates, like you, in which you will have the opportunity to chat with millennials from the participating companies so that they can resolve all your doubts: company philosophy, current projects, the work methodologies that carry out, etc.

The performance? Once you register, we will contact you so that you can choose the order of the companies with which you want to spend the 25 minutes that each round lasts.

Would you like to know how to live in an energy company? Do you want to know if the employees of a technology leader have free phones for life? Don’t worry, because at Match Your Company they will answer all your questions in order to give you a hand to launch yourself into the professional world.

And who knows … maybe you will find your better half who will declare eternal love for you so that you can go hand in hand throughout your professional future. Stay tuned because we will be back soon with new Match your Company