Talent Programs

BRIDGE Program


The Bridge Program is an initiative of the Fundación Universidad-Empresa and the University of Alcalá that combines the realization of company internships with an online training program on Productivity and Personal Development.

The Bridge training program is carried out through a virtual and collaborative platform that favors distributed learning. The iPad is used as a learning tool and gameification as a vehicle for engagement.

Key Facts
  • Financing: Program co-financed by the University-Business Foundation and by the companies that collaborate with the program. The cost for participating companies is € 11,989.78 per place (12 months) and € 7,561.42 per place (6 months) with a study grant of € 700 gross per month.

  • Social security contribution.

  • Duration: 6 or 12 months, full-time and with a holiday period (as determined by the company).

  • Training Plan: Productivity and Development (60 ECTS).

  • Specialization Course: From the University of Alcalá.

  • Certification: From the host company.

  • Rolling admissions: Throughout the year.

Personal Development (7 ECTS):

Encourages reflection on the skills that make you employable and teaches you to manage your personal brand.

Communication (7 ECTS):

Improve your personal communication skills and communication within the company.

Productivity (7 ECTS):

Integrate technology into your personal and professional life, enhancing time management competencies and mindfulness that strengthen emotional intelligence.

Digital identity (7 ECTS):

Learn to converse with the consumer in an environment in which it is no longer about contacting the potential audience but about engaging them.

Innovation (7 ECTS):

Managing innovation in the company.

Decision Making (7 ECTS):

Enhance your negotiation skills and assertiveness.

Internships (30 ECTS):

Internships (30 ECTS).