Talent Programs

CITIUS Program


Citius is the Postgraduate Training Program of the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Fundación Universidad-Empresa. It is made up of a Specific Training Plan in a company and an Academic Training Plan, taught at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

The first part consists in a supervised internship in any of the companies associated with the Program. The second consists of a wide range of personalized learning paths so that graduates can complete their training according to their functions in the company, their university preparation and their choice of career.

Key facts
  • Financing: Program co-financed by the Autonomous University of Madrid, by the Fundación Universidad-Empresa and by the companies that collaborate with the program. The cost for participating companies is € 13,509 per place (12 months) with a study grant of € 800 gross per month.

  • Social security contribution.

  • Duration: 12 months, full-time and with a holiday period (as determined by the company).

  • Training Plan: Minimum of 180 hours (without a maximum limit) of postgraduate training taught by the Autonomous University of Madrid, online or in person.

  • Specialization Course: Joint certification from the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

  • Certification: From the host company.

  • Rolling admissions: Throughout the year.

Academic Training Plan:

The trainee student will prepare his / her learning schedule -which will consist of a minimum of 180 hours, without a maximum limit- in agreement with his / her academic and business tutors, and with the Program Management, starting from the Initial Educational Offer that is prepared for each edition in view of the characteristics and profiles of the places advertised.

  • More than 70 subjects are offered in areas such as Business Management, Economics, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, Information Technology, Environment, Pharmacology, English and French.

  • Classes are taught outside of internship hours, Monday through Friday.

  • The students who do the internships outside the Community of Madrid will participate in the Distance Learning Academic Plan.

Specific Training Plan:

12 months of practical training and development of the Training Project designed by the company for each of the places advertised.