Talent Programs

START Program


The Fundación Universidad-Empresa, a pioneer in the management of internship programs in Spain, has been developing the Start Program for more than 30 years in order to provide companies and institutions with an intermediation service with universities for the incorporation of Undergraduate and Postgraduate students (official master’s degrees).

Key Facts
  • Financing: Program co-financed by the Fundación Universidad-Empresa and the companies associated with the program. Participating companies must pay an annual membership fee (€ 400). The cost per internship place includes a study grant (minimum € 400 per month for 4 hours per day), program management costs (10% of the study grant) and university fees (variable depending on the university of origin of the student).

  • Contribution to Social Security (subsidized in the case of curricular internships).

  • Duration: In the case of the curricular internships, the duration foreseen in the curriculum will apply and in the case of extracurricular internships, the duration is to be determined by the university of origin of the student (usually around 900 hours per academic year, extendable at the request of the host company and with previous authorization by the university). The schedule will always be compatible with that of the studies in progress.

  • Certification: From the host company.

  • Rolling admissions: Throughout the year.