Talent Programs

E-START Program


Through the e-Start program of remote internships, university students undertake pre-consulting projects -proposed by companies and collaborating institutions- through a collaborative work platform, which allows fluid and permanent communication among all the agents involved (students, academic and business tutors).

Depending on the implementation model chosen by each university, the students may be students of the last courses of study, master’s degrees students, or students who are doing their End of Degree Projects or their End of Master’s Thesis.

Key Facts
  • Financing: Program financed 100% by the University of Origin of the student. It has no cost to the company.

  • Duration: It will be determined by the academic plan of the studies that the student is undertaking. Since they are online internships, students are free to study when they want, although regular tutorials are established with a minimum required dedication of one hour a week.

  • Certification: From the host company.

  • Rolling admissions: Throughout the year.

e-start program