TechShop, a Creativity Hub where people can convert ideas into tangible realities



TechShop is Fundación Universidad-Empresa’s project for the future

Fundación Universidad-Empresa is convinced that a project such as TechShop, aligned with its foundational aims, can make a unique contribution to the future of innovation. For this reason, FUE wants to be the first institution to bring TechShop to Spain, with the support of companies, universities and institutions that are committed to innovation and entrepreneurship.


A Creativity Hub

  • An open access space in which users can acquire or reinforce the skills and abilities necessary to go beyond the simple generation of ideas.

  • A place where people can convert ideas into tangible realities, from the prototyping phase to the creation and start-up of new businesses or services.

  • A unique ecosystem which facilitates the creation and manufacturing processes so that people with ideas can invent, create and patent new products demanded by the market.

  • An opportunity to put into practice the guiding principles of the Maker Movement, which is becoming the new engine of economic development, redefining the relationship of society with technology, creating new types of SMEs, and training the next generation of entrepreneurs and employment generators.